Every year, Brussels puts on a show and conquers the heart of a new major metropolis for the Brussels Days. To mark the 15th edition of this major international event, Brussels is heading to Paris.
From 22 to 25 September 2021, a delegation of Brus-sels-based players from the creative and tourism industries and the sustainable economy will be visiting the City of Light. The aim? To strengthen existing ties and forge new ones, to boost knowledge, to discover and exchange know-how, cultural riches, and interests… In short, to bring togeth-er two capitals that have a lot to share.

The delegation is led by Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region; Sven Gatz, Minister of the Brussels-Capital Region responsible for Finance, Budget and the Image of Brussels and Pascal Smet, Secretary of State for the Brussels-Capital Region responsible for Euro-pean and International Relations.

Why Paris?

The French capital is home to the country’s institutions, numerous international organisations and leading companies from a variety of sectors. Physically and culturally close to Brussels, it enjoys global influence in the political, cultural and economic arenas, and is an essential foothold for Brussels-based exporters.

From a political viewpoint, the Île-de-France Region and the Brussels-Capital Region share many challenges and participate in various joint projects within the framework of platforms and networks such as INTERREG, the European Network of Cities and Regions and Metropolis.

Finally, with regard to tourism, the French market is and remains the leading foreign market in Brussels. And in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 crisis, it was the one that suffered the smallest drop in visitors.

At a time when all actors are coming together to give Brussels the credit it deserves, the decision to hold the Brussels Days 2021 in Paris was an obvious one. We hope that these four days of visits, meetings, cultural activities, product presentations and political meetings offer everyone the opportunities for high-level networking.