Part of the Brussels Days in New York  – More info on #IceBoxChallengeNYC & contest here

What ?

An experiment in high-performance building design and construction.

The #IceBoxChallengeNYC is a contest and an experiment to demonstrate how a home can be super energy efficient AND comfortable. It comprises two small structures. One is built to the Standard Building Code, and the other is built to the super-insulated Passive House Standard. Each Ice Box contains 1 ton of ice. The Ice Boxes are left outside  for one month. Then they are opened and the amount of ice left in each box is measured. How much ice is left indicates how well each Ice Box keeps out the summer heat.Better building design can help us reduce our carbon pollution without changing our behavior. Energy-efficient homes are comfortable, quiet, and healthy.

When ?

Kick-Off + Live Art Performance on Saturday, April 21 — 10:30am

Our Challenge begins on Saturday, April 21 at 10:30 am, with NYC’s Earth Day Festivities. The boxes are located in the heart of NYC DOT’s Car-Free Day, where we will host opening remarks and a live art performance. Olivier Binamé, a well-known Brussels-based street artist, will be showcasing his craft by painting the final touches of his design on the boxes. His colorful murals and sculptures have been featured all over the world, including on Godiva Chocolate’s 90th Anniversary packaging. Learn more about his artistry here.

Reveal the Ice! – on Wednesday, May 23 – 1:00pm, during the Brussels DaysThe Ice Boxes will be revealed during the press conference. Our speakers include the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region, Mr. Rudi Vervoort; the Secretary of State in charge of Foreign Trade of the Brussels-Capital Region, Mrs. Cécile Jodogne; the Minister of Promotion of Brussels of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, Mr. Rachid Madrane; as well as representatives from NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, Building Energy Exchange, and New York Passive House. The winners of the prizes will also be announced.The Challenge is provided by Brussels-Capital Region and Brussels Invest & Export/hub.brussels, organized with the Building Energy Exchange, NYC DOC and supported by NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, Garment District Alliance, A2M Architects, New York Passive House, Steven Winter Associates, SYNLawn, and Ice Box donation of the City of Vancouver.More info on #IceBoxChallengeNYC here

Where ?

Garment District
Broadway and 40th Street – New York City

Why ?

New York City and Brussels, while on different continents and of different sizes, share a common vision. They want to advance their community towards a sustainable and renewable future through ambitious energy saving goals and programs. Both cities are leading by example with effective initiatives that increase the adoption of high-performance building standards and with key policies to support its momentum. Recognizing the two cities’ expertise, New York City and Brussels aim to further enhance their exchange of knowledge and provide support to each other. Together, these two cities, as well as with cities from around the world, will continue to be leaders in taking climate action and paving the way for a more sustainable future for our children and environment.