What are the Brussels Days?

The Brussels Days are set up as a promotion event to show the world what Brussels has to offer. This event has the goal to promote a wide range of aspects of the Brussels-Capital Region: its touristic location, its history, its economy and its relationships with the world.

The aim of the Brussels-Capital Region is to strengthen its position on the international stage, make optimum use of its economic potential, demonstrate or confirm its talents and know-how, highlight its cultural riches and its way of living. Brussels is a city that dares to tackle its ambitions and design large-scale projects.

The Brussels Days are organized since 2006 as a collaboration between visit.brussels, Brussels International and hub.brussels (Brussels Invest & Export) who invite various stakeholders to participate in the different activities.

Each of the Brussels partners will be responsible for the domain of their expertise:

visit.brussels is responsible for attracting visitors to Brussels (MICE & leisure); next to that they play an important role to promote the image of the Capital of Europe abroad.

Brussels International deals with the public and political relations of the Region, next to that they also play an important role in defending the image of the Region.

hub.brussels (Brussels Invest & Export) is responsible for the trade promotion and attracting foreign investors.

The Brussels Days normally consist of seminars on different themes such as leisure tourism, meeting industry, investment, fashion, design… Next to that and according to the chosen focus, additional activities are scheduled (ex. temporary exhibitions, presentations, seminars…). Through the organization of the Brussels Days, networking opportunities at the highest level with companies and local authorities are created.


Why Madrid?

After Milan, Madrid, New York, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Washington DC, Beijing, Milan, Tokyo, Berlin, New-York and Washington last year, for this fourteenth of the Brussels Days we go back to Madrid.

Indeed, over the years, the Brussels-Capital Region has forged close ties with Madrid and wishes to further strengthen these links and promote to these audiences the Brussels-Capital Region and its companies.