« Every other year, Brussels, rolls out on its Grand-Place, a magnificent Flower Carpet, contributing to our city’s reputation all over the world. »

These beautiful works, responsible for spreading Belgium’s horticultural reputation around the world, first made their appearance in the Ghent region in the 1860s.
All summer long, hundreds of millions of flowers light up the Brussels Capital Region, while the most beautiful blooms are selected to be woven into the famous Carpets of flowers. The Flower Carpet is an ephemeral work by nature, only lasting as long as the flowers themselves. Making the carpets demands more than 300 flowers per square meter. Each Carpet uses a palette of colours specific to its design and unique inspiration.

The first smaller-sized flower Carpets appeared in the 1950s in Knokke, Oudenaarde, and Sint-Niklaas. It moved to Brussels Grand-Place in 1971 and has, since then attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. The Flower Carpet brings a grand and magnificent atmosphere to the Grand-Place like no other.

For the very first time the “Brussels Flower Carpet” will come to Tokyo during the “Brussels Days” (16 – 20 May 2016). On this occasion two flower carpets will be made in Tokyo, at Roppongi Hills Arena and TOKYO SKYTREE, by the flower carpet team of Brussels.

The style of the two carpets is inspired by the inventiveness, rhythms, colours and curves of Art Nouveau. This art movement, born of the creativity of famous Belgian architect Victor Horta, served as an inspiration for the Brussels Flower Carpet in 2004.

« 2年に1度、ブリュッセルの「グランプラス」が壮大なフラワーカーペットへと様変わりし、世界からの注目を集めます。»

1860年代にゲント地方で初めて登場して以来、フラワーカーペットはベルギーの園芸文化の素晴らしさを世界に広める役割を担っています。 夏の間、数億個の生花がブリュッセル首都圏地域を華やかに彩り、その中でも特に美しい花々は有名な「グランプラス」のフラワーカーペットを織るために使用されます。フラワーカーペットは、花々が生きている間にしか実現しない、自然の儚さを感じることのできる作品です。制作には1平方メートル当たり300個の花々を必要とし、カーペット毎のデザインやユニークなインスピレーションにもとづいて色の組合せが決まります。




Roppongi Hills Arena Tokyo
18 – 21 May
carpet size: 250sqm
Tokyo Skytree Town
18-22 May
carpet size: 450sqm
Brussels Flower Carpet 2004