Brussels Days 2018 - New York - Washington DC

The Brussels Days are set up as a promotion event to show the world what Brussels has to offer. This event has the goal to promote a wide range of aspects of the Brussels-Capital Region: its touristic location, its history, its economy and its relationships with the world.

The aim of the Brussels-Capital Region is to strengthen its position on the international stage, make optimum use of its economic potential, demonstrate or confirm its talents and know-how, highlight its cultural riches and its way of living. Brussels is a city that dares to tackle its ambitions and design large-scale projects. Read More about “What are the Brussels Days?”

Beats by Brussels

The exciting finale of the Brussels Days in New York is an exclusive concert at Irving Plaza in New York City on Wednesday, May 23 at 8:00 p.m. Showcasing the vibrant hip hop nightlife scene in Brussels, the Beats by Brussels concert will feature Read More about “Beats by Brussels”